Tiffany & Jon // Santa Ana Heritage Museum

It’s been a wonderful year for me and I’m blessed and privileged for what I get to do.  As the wedding season winds down I become more reflective and nostalgic on the wonderful moments I’ve witnessed and documented. With Tiffany and Jon, I keep replaying the instant when Jon saw Tiffany for the first time in her wedding gown. Up to that point, Jon had been nothing but smiles and laughter, but it all changed the moment he saw his bride walk down the aisle. He took a deep sigh and held his head high but you could already see his eyes get watery. He couldn’t stop it, so he let go of  the tears and emotions. It was a beautiful moment. A moment that lasted very briefly, but a moment that everyone who was present will remember for a very long time. Thank you Tiffany & Jon for letting me be a part of that moment and all the other wonderful ones from your wedding day.


santa-ana-heritage-museum-weddingsanta-ana-heritage-museum-11-wedding-courtyardtiffany-jon-at-santa-ana-heritage-museum santa-ana-heritage-museum-18-wedding-portrait-in-front-of-kellogg-houseanta-ana-heritage-museum-19-orange-tree-orchard-wedding-portrait

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  • Clean and beautiful. And that’s just the photography. Tiffany & Jon are so good together. Look at Jon as he see’s his bride walking towards him. That’s powerful.

  • really gorgeous wedding! beautiful work here, I love their portraits, and that last shot is just perfect.

  • Beautiful work, Luis. Those reception photos are great.

  • I really like the symmetrical shot at the ceremony. And great portraits too!

  • I love the image of them about to walk back down the aisle as a married couple. And the last one of her looking at her new husband while dancing is a great moment.

  • Outstanding. Such a beautiful wedding.

  • That first dancing shot (the left of the 2 verticals) is just awesome. The composition and lighting come together to create something really special.

  • fantasmastic.

  • yeah boyyyy. iz real good luis.

  • Great photos! I love all the little moments!

  • WHOA. WOW. WOO. WHAM. This post just turned my frown upside down and made this day so much better. Thank you Mr. Godinez, you are doing God’s work now

  • Exceptional work as always Mr. Godinez.

  • Gorgeous wedding! Beautiful work, Luis!