The Details // Wedding Bands

I love taking photographs of the wedding bands. Each wedding I’ve been apart of  is so unique and special and it’s apparent in the photos of the wedding bands. The wedding bands are as one-of-a-kind and individualistic as the bride & groom.

I’ve never really understood when people would tell me how they found the perfect rings and how long it took them to find them. I just figured you go to the jewelry store and pick one. It wasn’t until I started my wedding photography business that it finally made sense. I get it. These  bands are a symbol of our love and commitment.  The key word for me being “our” because that is what makes it exclusive compare to love & commitment of others.

Now when I glance at the photo above of Karina & Omar’s wedding bands I  think immediately of their personality and their love for each other. It happens now in any ring photo I’ve shot. I immediate think of the bride & groom and how amazing they are.

– Luis

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  • Looove this ring shot… has a really rustic feel to it… :)

  • Beautiful photo Luis. Bring on the rest!

  • Great ring shot! Cool looking rings, too (I’m shopping for a new wedding band for myself, so I’m always checking out the guys rings).

  • awesome shot!

  • I always love ring shots too!

  • I looove shooting the rings and couldn’t agree with you more in this post.

  • Well said and beautiful photograph.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s exactly why I pay so much attention to how I photograph rings. Thanks for sharing.