Grace & Carlos // Orange // Garden Grove

I’ve known Grace since grade school, so it makes this post extra special and personal for me. Like most childhood friendships, we lost touch of each other when she went to a different high school than me, but I never forgot my friend. I was fortunate enough to reunite with her, and meet her fiance (now husband), years later when a mutual friend invited her to a Superbowl party. Thank goodness for technology and Facebook, we kept in touch and I was honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding. Grace and Carlos have been amazing and gracious, I’m so happy for them.


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  • Soooo good!

  • that is one slick, stylish couple. dope.

  • The cars look amazing, beautiful bride and groom and such a huge bridal party compared to what we have in Australia. Love the photos.

  • These images are all kinds of cool!

  • Could the bride and groom get any cooler? Love the car shots as well!

  • Love, love, love, all of it. Also, epic shoe shot!

  • Awesome! love the frames with the car.

  • ha! I actually laughed out loud, for real. Those dance shots remind me of my family, haha. I love that you shot portraits in a parking garage, that is so awesome! Love the detail shots, and I really love the last shot haha. This wedding rocks.

  • wedding=insanity. coverage=amazing. you are talented.

  • What a kick ass wedding! Such a great connection with your bride & groom, LOVE your use of you environment for the portraits. Bravo!

  • What a cool wedding! Things I love about them: Her dress, their cake toppers, kickass car, bride wearing sunglasses IN the kickass car. Things I love about their photos: your detail shots, the ones in the garage (niiice!), and the fact that they cpnvey the coolness of this couple.

  • Really good stuff man and such an awesome couple!

  • Luis, dude you are getting seriously good. Solid work man

  • Totally killer wedding and freaking amazing photos. I was trying to pick a fave, but every simple images is absolutely killer! <3

  • Luis. You totally killed this wedding. I said that outloud when I saw this. Seriously – from the first image to the last I throughly enjoyed it and excuse me while I cut this comment short, I must go look through it again.

  • Fanfreakingtastic post Luis. Like seriously, blown away, the moments and atmosphere from the couple have been perfectly captured by a suave, handsome devil simply known as “The Luis,” not to be confused with ,”The Louise,” which was a western gunslinger who shot 6 US Marshals on his way to robbing the Hudson Bay Bank.

  • Such an awesome wedding, dude. I love the portraits with the cars – and that reception shot of him being tossed in the air – amazing.

    Nice work!

  • Great shots Luis! Luv the car ones!

  • Great photos! Congrats Grace!!!

  • Luis! I love these…you slayed it! This couple is so awesome.

  • What a completely rad couple. Awesome work, dude!

  • Ahhh…fantastic, Luis! From start to finish, you held my attention :)