Vero & Hector // Whittier | Country Club Wedding

Vero & Hector’s wedding was nothing short of amazing. After the wedding while driving the thirty-seven miles back home to Orange County I had a grin on my face that could have reached the OC from LA County. Right there in the car I just knew the images of their wedding would be something for generations to love. And I love that feeling, the feeling that I captured the timeless grace, elegance & beauty of the happiest day for a couple. I love making that connection with my clients and I want to thank Vero & Hector for giving me the opportunity.  because without your love & commitment for each other; none of this would be possible.


P.S. – I completely love the venue. The California Country Club was such a great backdrop for this amazing wedding. They had some amazing customer service. The employees were great sports driving us around the golf course so we could get our shots. Kudos on the staff.

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  • Nice use of environment in your compositions Luis. Great stuff everywhere in this set.

  • Really gorgeous work!

  • Veronica

    Luis, I have no words to describe how lucky I feel to have met such passionate, talented photographers. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to capture amazing images of such a special day. Not only do I love the photos, but I love your dedication. I still remember that even after 8hrs of shooting, I turned over and you were fully energized with a smile on your face. :) You are amazing! Thanks again!

  • And that is how it’s done. Awesome set Luis. Great job nailing the exposures.

  • Nice – love the flowers. She looks awesome in the shot with just her and the flowers. Great work.

  • So stinking rad Luis. Great job on the whole thing. Especially the groom’s getting ready shots.

  • You truly captured a beautiful story of two stunning people. These are wonderful photos.

  • These are beautiful, Luis!!!

  • What a gorgeous bride & lovely wedding!! Great work! (And I love the lime & Patron shots!!:)

  • Good work Luis! You just keep getting better and better!!!



  • Gorgeous bride and a stylish day, good job. I love that his suit matches the cake.

  • Luis, this is a great set. The portraits of the couple are gorgeous. Great job spotting the parents wedding portrait. It really adds to the storytelling of the set and putting it in a larger context. PS I looooove Pacifico!

  • A nice clean and modern set of wedding photos. Your clients will be psyched!

  • Beautiful job Luis…..the bride is stunning…’ve captured some gorgeous moments between the couple….lovely details too! :)

  • great work!!!!!!!

  • Wow! What a wedding. You did a great job here. they will be stoked for sure!!

  • I’m not just taken by the fact that your photographs are finished to a high quality Luis; I’m gripped by the meaning you weave within them, with the content. Time approaching, people waiting, the connection between a bride as she prepares and years of support from her family. This is a great deal more than pictorial recording of how people looked; it’s the story of a magical day.