Jocelyn & Ryan // Jones Victorian Estate Wedding

I am so happy that I finally get to share all the terrific photographs from Jocelyn and Ryan’s spectacular wedding. If you saw the preview post, you know how much Jocelyn, Ryan, friends, and family love to have fun and trust me, it was contagious. I had to contain myself from getting on the dance floor and throwing down some of my own dance moves. LOL. Who could resist when playing Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson & Billy Idol?  I was able to keep my composure as I helped Ernie capture  the memories to this amazing wedding at The Jones Victorian Estate.

Jocelyn & Ryan were lovely to work with, their love and joy is natural and amazing that it is a constant reminder  how bless I am in having the opportunity to work with incredible couples. I’ve had such dynamic relationships with some of the best couples that makes me really love my job. Wedding after wedding I am left in awed and it always leaves a lingering thought of marriage  in my future. ;-)

I am so thankful again for my clients, they always seem to be the embodiment of love & commitment.


P.S. – I want take the time to say Happy Mother’s Day! I want to thank all the wonderful strong mothers in our lives that made each day go by a little happier with their love. Their endless love is priceless and always under-appreciated. I am thankful for my mom, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her love & guidance. Thanks MOM!!! :)

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  • awesome wedding cake!! :)
    love your pictures of this wedding in particular!

  • Nice details. Love the fisheye of the palm trees. Looks like you did a great job for the couple and the other photographer.

  • Amazing work as always!!!

  • amazing images! Some awesome detail shots! You need to be branching out on your own, your wasted as a second shooter.

  • Great photos! A beautiful bride. Love the details photos

  • I love your detail shots, they’re brilliant!
    Great stuff here! =)

  • wonderful images luis, and beautifuly processed too.

  • Well done :) Beautiful!

  • wow – great location!!!
    Love all the pink :-)

  • Beautiful images…the colors are realy nice…and I love her dress, it’s so princess like!

    Nice shout out to Mom at the end too.

  • Beautiful images…the colors are realy nice…and I love her dress, it’s so princess like!