The sense of adventure is a beautiful curiosity. And traveling is a privilege to be cherished.
As a kid, I was fortunate to be in Boy Scouts and my curiosity for exploration was nurtured. I have slept on the beaches of Catalina Island. I have swum in lakes adjacent to California redwoods. I have hiked some of the highest peaks California has to offer. I have backpacked down the Grand Canyon to walk along the Colorado River. I participated in a sweat lodge along the plains of New Mexico. To see nature this pure has always left a lasting impression on appreciating the wild places on this earth. As a young adult, especially during 2008, my budget was stretched thin. Scouts were way behind me and the dream of travel felt like a fantasy. But I remained curious, and this led to extended road trips across the USA. Shoestring budgets that included a Christmas dinner of instant ramen at a shoddy hotel all in the name of Travel. Eventually, and fortunately, the trips have continued to expand to allow me to reach across the globe. Travel has been more of seeing how we are all human and love capturing that essence with photography.
Prints from travel images are available upon request as well as via the online gallery . A small percentage of profits from print sales will be donated to OC Latino Health Access.

“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you.”


- Anthony Bourdain


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