Wedding Client Packaging

I’m happy to introduce my updated wedding client packaging for 2013. This is an update to my client packaging from two years ago. All my wedding couples will receive this gorgeous package with a USB containing their digital photographs plus a few prints highlighting their wedding day. A marriage of digital technology and classic prints. :)



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  • Daphne Cebek

    Hi Luis! Beautiful job!! Where did you buy your boxes? In bulk?

  • Daphne Cebek

    Hi Luis! Beautiful job!! Where did you buy your boxes? In bulk?

  • Andrea Leigh Jimenez

    Hi Luis! Where did you get your customized USB thumb drives?

  • Sabrina Lafon

    Hi Luis! First of all lovely work and lovely packaging!! Would you mind sharing where you purchase the little white box? Thank you!

  • Erika Walter

    Hi Luis! I love your packaging and your work! Can you share with me where you have the photos printed or do you do them yourself? Thanks! (photographer from Canada!)

  • Lindsey

    What company did you use for the flash drives? I love them!

  • Liliana Haley

    AMAZING! Even better in person! Thank you Thank you!

  • That is some serious packaging, Luis. I love it!

  • that’s some legit packaging dude!

  • Whenever you can use acorns for something, you use acorns. Always.

  • Luis Godinez

    Yummy indeed. :)

  • jealous! This looks so good!

  • Louie Abellera


  • I am absolutely in love with this Luis!!

  • Wow. This is awesome…your clients will love this.

  • So slick bro!

  • Awesome, dude. Just awesome.

  • The pinecones are so unique! Lovely packaging!

  • Oh this is just delicious Im a little jealous..well a lot!

  • Very nice indeed!