Client DVD Packaging & Thank You Cards

I’m thrilled to announce my new client DVD packaging and “Thank You” cards.  All my clients will receive a DVD inside this lovely packaging that contains their precious wedding images.  I know that not every single client will buy an album but I still desired that everyone has something beautiful that will showcase and protect their images. Along with my new DVD packaging I included some photos of my new “Thank You” cards that match my new packaging.


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  • Bernadette Johnston

    Beautiful. Where’d you find the box?

  • Renee

    LOVE this Luis! Very cohesive, well thought out and put together! Nice job.

  • LOVE the texturing throughout. Gorgeous.

  • This is so good, Luis. Seriously, oh so good.

  • I like them! Very elegant!

  • These are fantastic. I’d love to open one as a client!

  • really nice!!

  • awesome!!! i am EXTREMELY jealous!

  • Love love love! So gorgeous!

  • This is so up my alley… fantastic!

  • This is SERIOUSLY awesome… did you have a designer do it or whip this up yourself? Definitely rad.

  • Looking sharp!

  • This is great, Luis! Really nice.

  • Wow, this looks amazing!

  • Beautiful! I love tactile packaging that looks like it’s taken some care and attention to put together. I bet your clients will love it.

  • Super slick! I like it a lot.

  • luis this is really strong my friend. i might have to step my game up :)

  • This is totally awesome! I love everything!
    Yet another motivator to change my packaging.

  • Those r AWESOME Luis!

  • So gorgeous!