Yliana & JC // Griffith Obervatory // LACMA

I loved hanging out with Yliana & JC for their engagement session. We had fun — we laughed and made fun of the people who would purposely walk into our shots. I’m only half joking about the last part.  I can’t wait for their wedding in a few weeks.


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  • I adore that eighth one up- gorgeous shot! This session is beautiful!

  • Ah, beautiful!! :)

  • I smile when I see your posts… I know they’ll be something special. As always… beautiful sincere work Luis!

  • Such a cute couple! I especially like the one where he’s kissing her cheek and she has that fabulous smile! Great work!


  • These are great, amazing locations.

  • What. A. View. Jesus man… this is awesome.

  • Dude, these rock! Love the first three, especially with that shot of the skyline to start things off. I’m sure I’ve told you this before, but you really do have an eye for finding amazing compositions – so yeah – awesome session.

  • beautiful work. and the location is amazing. I’m a sucka for flare shots:) You have won my heart:) kudos

  • Great compositions and the couple look so relaxed and happy. Lovely! :)

  • Love the contrast in these photos, great job. -aa

  • Great photos! Awesome use of colours and angles!

  • Love the shots with those awesome views behind them!

  • Beautiful shots. Beautiful couple, great light and I love the views.

  • This is such a beautiful session, Luis! Your locations rock, and the couple is super cute! I love your placement of them in so many of the photos, so purposeful. And the column shots are awesome!

  • Luis – you have such an amazing eye for art. Seriously. These are just perfection captured. I totally adore the last – what a gorgeous couple!

  • love the location. and the two black and white portaits of the two of them together at the end. great post!

  • Lovely work. I am loving the tones, so calming and nice feeling look at these pictures.

  • It’s amazing, you say it was crowded but it looks like they’re the only two (beautiful) people on earth :) Love those two shots near the end, in the columns!