Anna & Ryan // Riverside // UCR Botanic Gardens

Anna & Ryan, were years in the making and well worth it.

They met while doing Children’s Theater, went to the same high school, took the same classes and belong to the same clubs; but they remained only  friends despite having mutual crushes on each other.

This story was put on hold while they each took their own path until faith would have them bumped into each other at a local coffee house and were now ready to date. They continue to date and even long distance for six years while Anna went to school in Boston and lived in New York where she did regional theater.

The years are trivial now since the journey brought them closer and what better place to do their engagement session than their hometown high school.


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  • Phenomenal! These are all great looking photos!

  • Such an adorable couple!! What a fabulous session. The lighting and posing is spot-on! I love the shot where they are sitting on the park bench kissing.

  • What a cute couple. I especially love the first few under the trees. The light is beautiful.

  • Gorgeous! Really love the theater shots, especially the first one.. so creative & stunning!

  • Really sweet session! Hard to pick a fave, but I really like the one under the huskies sign – love it!

  • Great photos. My favorite is the one of them through the leaves.

  • awesome stuff bro!

  • LOVE! Your lighting is absolutely superb and you’ve captured so many awesome variations, they must be head over heels with these pics :)

  • Geez, the light in the first set is AMAZING. This couple is super cute!

  • Very clean work dude. You killed it on this session.

  • Lovely set, Luis. Nice work!

  • what an amazing session – seriously wonderful! i love the stage stuff – and the lighting – beautiful!

  • Fab Luis – really like a lot of these, great light and some awesome location choices.

  • They are adorable! Love love love the theater set – really nice compositions there!

  • Wow, just amazing. I love the completely different feels to each location. The softness and romanticism of the outdoors and then the fun youthfulness of the theatre.

  • LUIS! That second one, omg it’s gorgeous! It’s the standout amongst a killer set, dude. Great work!

  • Love the last shot!

  • Seriously one of my favorite sessions of yours Luis. Really awesome work brother.

  • Awesome set, Luis!

  • Nice work! and what a super sweet couple.

  • These are so amazing! I love all the shots through the leaves, and the ones in the theater. Wow.

  • Smoking! I love the one on the balcony at the stadium and all the theatre ones :)

  • Yeah boyeee! These are wonderful, Luis. Lots of creativity, & most of all, they make Anna & Ryan look great.

  • Kicking it up a notch. Super well done Luis.

  • Smoking hot! Love the variety of settings. Great job, buddy.

  • I love how your photos are awesome on both ends of the spectrum; I love the bright happy outdoor images and the romantic theater lit photos. They’re all awesome. You’re awesome. Amen

  • This is so awesome dude. I love the shot of them through the leaves and that last shot of them is stunning. Nice work!

  • They are so cuuuute! Ahem. The photos are gorgeous too :)

  • Luis, you keep leveling up. Well done chico

  • Crazy love! They are such an adorable couple and you’ve captured them so well! I absolutely adore the light in the second shot and those ones through the trees are just so beautiful, not to mention the stunning change of scenery to the auditorium and those tender moments. <3