Rachel & Michael // Amoeba Music – Hollywood

I love the radness that is Rachel & Michael, and I love that they introduced me to the musical candy that is Amoeba Music in Hollywood.



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  • Love the one of just his head in the shop!! Made me smile :)

  • Wowzers. these are awesomesauce, Luis! Every single damned image is gorgeous.

  • super unique!

  • Love this. Very different, very cool. Really interesting compositions, and everything suits the couple really well. Killer stuff.

  • What a cool, fun session! And I love your light & bright processing in the outside pics.

  • I love the radness in your pictures! Great couple too!

  • What an awesome couple and who doesn’t love record stores?

    Brilliant work!

  • Very very cool and as David says, very Rock N Roll. I love the shot of them touching heads with the cool glasses on. Awesome.

  • Love the choice of outfits and locations with the amazing compositions. rrrrrrrock n rrrrrrrrol!

  • Sweet job on this engagement session, Luis. It’s always so cool to integrate something the couple loves and is them.

  • What a stylish couple and such gorgeous photos!

  • Wow, that first shot = winning! I also love the closeness in #6.

  • Rachel Ball

    Thank you so much for the awesomeness of these pictures! I can’t wait to see how great the wedding pictures come out!!!!

  • dude, great take on the record store.

  • Luis Godinez

    thank you!! :)

  • Amy Shelton

    all those through shots. damnnnn

  • Louie Abellera


  • Love the locations Luis, great job, Rachel and Micheal look a really cool couple

  • Short & Sweet, Strong & to the point…both fit and translate into “Killed it!”