Maribel & Adrian // Orange Circle

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  • PERFECT dof on that top one. Well done, these are fantastic!

  • VERY nice shots Luis. I love your use of depth of field. Great work!

  • Sassy! What a fun couple.

  • Fantastic framing on these shots, especially the first one. There are so many little elements in that one that truly make it art. LOVE it!!!

  • beautiful simplicity!

  • Short and sweeeeeeet! Post more cuz I know there gonna be amazing.

  • Fun shots! That 2nd one has some wicked depth of field!

  • Really like these pictures! They look like a fun couple!

  • These are really awesome, Luis! Beautiful dof and compositions!

  • Perfect skin tones Luis!!!

  • Cute couple! I want to see more! :)

  • these are great, love that fence in the first one.

  • Beautiful shallow depth of field on that second one!

  • Awesome dude. The bottom pic is craaazy

  • Great stuff, Luis! Love the leaves peeking in the top of the first frame. Adds a lot of depth with that. Nice touch.

  • This right here is awesome. Nice. Very Nice, Luis.

  • I can’t wait to see the rest. It’s such a great spot for photos.