Grace & Carlos // Black Star Canyon

Enjoy Part I of Grace & Carlos. That’s right, there will be a Part II.

And the sequel might be better than the first. ;)


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  • Aww.. what a cute couple! Really love their look and how soft and romantic the location is. Beautiful work Luis!

  • These are wonderful! I especially enjoyed the third and second to last shots.

  • Beautiful location and cute couple!

  • What a gorgeous hip couple. I love the upside down reflection photo.

  • Luis my friend, you are getting goood. I love these photos bro

  • unreal man. love that tatt!

  • I love these! Great work!

  • These are really great, so many fabulous images!

  • Luis!!! Holy smokes dude, this rocks! Kudos!

  • Yum Yum YUM! Ridiculously adorable couple, amazing location, brilliant composition and beautiful processing. Love Luis LOVE!

  • Hooooooooooooot.

  • Great stuff! Holy smokes what a location. They look like such a fun couple; I really love the reflection shot the best!!

  • These are great pictures Luis! So beautiful!

  • Awesome shoot! This looks like an album shoot, they should be rockstars!! I love her dress too!!

  • These are fantastic! What a cool couple. You did a great job using the location.

  • so fun!

  • dude, you rocked these!

  • Oh my, the are just the cutest! I love so many of these, and I’m always a sucker for a bit of picnic action. :D Beautiful set.

  • Love these! Can’t wait to see part 2! What an uber cool couple!

  • Love the wide shots, that dude has some seriously awesome tats

  • Gorgeous, dude. Sexy couple, amazing photography to back it up. As Dani said, rock ‘n roll!

  • These are just perfection. That one with her skirt caught in the wind is awesome!

  • So lovely. You killed it.

  • Grace

    this is exactly what we envisioned! thanks for the awesome experience! =)

  • Gorgeous set…the large portrait was my favorite…you really killed it on this one…can’t wait for round two!!

  • Rock and roll, Luis!

  • dude, this is really, really good.

  • Gorgeous!!

  • Great work man!!! I love the tone of your images!