Christa & Tino // Santa Ana // San Juan Capistrano

I’m happy to introduce you Christa & Tino, a wonderful couple full of style and love. This was such a fun session, and you can credit Christa & Tino’s easy going attitude and free flowing love for each other. Christa is graceful and beautiful like no one else and Tino being the constant perfect gentleman. I can imagine how Christa feels, if I felt special when Tino held the door open for me & carried some of my gear.  ;)

Please enjoy the images.


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  • arnt my friends beautiful. Great job LUIS!

  • So beautiful! Awesome posing.

  • WOW, what a lovely set. love your use of space and natural light

  • Wow, Luis! These photos are freaking awesome. You seriously rocked this session!!!

  • Great work there! I like your style! Keep it up and looking forward to more!

  • Really, really strong work Luis. You’ve got it going on brother. Great session.

  • This. is. seriously. amazing. I’m inspired and excited and I love each one.

  • Simply…stunning! I love the contrast between locations and what a beautiful couple, fantastic work Luis!

  • holy crap luis, these images are stunning. whatever you are doing, keep doing it man. seriously.

  • It hurts me knowing that i’ll never look as cool as this couple. Awesome work on the colours – the garage shots are extra nice! Great, great session.

  • Awesome frames! Nice simple composition.

  • Increible Luis. The parking garage shots have AMAZING composition.

  • *slams camera down* Utter perfection. The gorgeous couple, composition, lighting, locations. I stopped counting my favourites at 13. You absolutely nailed this Luis!!

  • stunning light. stunning couple. beautiful xx.

  • These are all so gorgeous – love the shots on the tree trunk!

  • Esther Chan

    What a day that must have been, these rock! I love the one where they’re walking thru the field but its a tough choice

  • Seriously dude – these rock.

  • Gorgeous couple – love those black and whites – just perfect

  • These are fantastic! LOVE the second to last urban, vibe shot where she is grabbing his jacket. Well done!

  • Lovely session! Great job with the posing.