Angela & Johnny // Orange Circle

I had so much fun with Angela & Johnny on their engagement session. Their hands and eyes would constantly look for each other and they could not help but to smile at each other. Just before we started they told me they felt shy in front of the camera, so I just told them to forget about me and focus on each other and as you can see, the photos tell the story of their love and joy. Can’t wait for their wedding next month.


Orange Circle Engagement sitting on a bench by the fountainOrange Circle Engagement sitting on a bench while Angela and Johnny laughAngela and Johnny walk by the Orange CircleAngela and Johnny stand by a church by Orange CircleOrange Cicle Antique Store Engagement

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  • Beautiful pictures, you’ve captured some genuine emotion

  • Luis! These are so sweet and wonderful. (I’m going to get this out of the way… I love her shooooes!) I can feel their happy energy through your photos. Great job, dude!! :)

  • The 35 is treating you well Luis. Great work amigo

  • EXCELLENT work Luis!! The whole session just looks like great fun on a stick…LOVE IT!!!

  • I really love the photo of them in front of that brick wall. Way to rock that sunlight! =)

  • Nice engagement session.

  • Beautiful – they seem like such a fun couple – really like that last shot :D

  • So perfect!! LOVE that last one it looks so relaxed and gorgeous :)

  • Lovely session. The bench shots are cute!

  • Dang Luis! Love your work man. You totally rocked this session. I would never be able to tell that the couple was actually shy. Amazing amazing amazing.

  • For a couple who are shy in front of the camera they sure don’t look it! They look so relaxed and in love. :)

  • I love the variety of {totally cool} backgrounds you guys used. Really great work, and such a cute couple too!!

  • They look so natural and lovely and happy together! Great session.

  • Great session with lots of variety! They don’t look shy to me!

  • Looks like a fun session! Great job dude.

  • great stuff luis! love that ice backdrop!