Iceland //

In March, we took a 828-mile road trip around Iceland to celebrate Jackie’s birthday. These images are small fraction of the endless beauty we saw and experienced in Iceland. Hope to return one day.
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Images made with a Nikon D750, Leica M3 and iPhone 6.


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  • Mercedes Hornbostel Morgan

    That last shot: <3 Also all the ones before that.

  • Jessica Schilling

    You know I love these! Wish we could have hung out there together, but it’s also cool to see the same places from another perspective. Such a gorgeous place and I want to go back someday!

  • Zöe Barrie

    ahhh, what a place, and more importantly .. WHAT GORGEOUS PHOTOS!! I am stoked you got to see the lights too!! <3 xxx

  • Darin Collison

    My jealously is exdceeded only by my admiration for these pics.

Sonya & Evan // Big Sur Roadtrip Engagement

It started with a simple text, “Sonya and I have a rather ambitious idea for our engagement session.” I was intrigued immediately and after a few more back-n-forth texts, I could not shake the idea of roadtripping to Big Sur to shoot their engagement session.  Roadtrips have always had special place in my heart. Maybe it’s romanticizing the idea getting away on the open road and leaving behind the norm, even if it’s just for a little bit. Plus getting the opportunity to hangout with awesome people like Sonya and Evan on a roadtrip is priceless. I will look back fondly at these photos and think back to impromptus highway stops for photos, chasing the light within the beauty that is Big Sur, and epic tunes like The Killers and Cold War Kids. :)


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  • Alex Rapada

    BigSur! Awesome engagement session Luis!

DTLA – AT&T Center Wedding

DTLA rooftop helipad wedding vibes.001-downtown-la-wedding002-downtown-la-wedding003-downtown-la-wedding004-downtown-la-wedding005-downtown-la-wedding006-downtown-la-wedding007-downtown-la-wedding008-downtown-la-wedding009-downtown-la-wedding010-downtown-la-wedding011-downtown-la-wedding012-downtown-la-wedding013-downtown-la-wedding

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  • Jessica Schilling

    So sleek and chic and gorgeous!

  • Alyssa Campbell

    These are so gorgeous!

  • Len Dekic

    OMG! These are beyond amazing! The light is just gorgeous, you rock!

  • Elissa Rïnehart

    The light and colors of this wedding = fabbbbb