Marcy & Pablo // Los Angeles Union Station Engagement

Last week I met up with Marcy & Pablo  at Los Angeles’ Union Station to photograph their Engagement Session. It was a first visiting Union Station and it prove to be quite a treat. All three of us being from OC we rarely get to see and appreciate such historic beauty that’s put to use on a daily basis. I told myself I would suffer through the LA traffic again just to visit the station, but we’ll see how that goes.

I met Marcy & Pablo close to five years ago when we all use to work in Department Store and eventually went our separate ways but we were able to keep in  touch via social media.  Each photograph I would shoot I would get a message from Pablo giving me praises. One time he mention that I should do his wedding, to my surprise he wasn’t kidding. LOL. After 5 years you’ll be amazed how little people change and how much you easily fall back to old familiar conversations. It was one of the fun shoot and I’m super excited for their wedding at the end of the month.







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  • Nice shots! I love to shoot there… it’s been a while though. Cheers!

  • great job here- really like the location.

  • I love these photographs of Marcy and Pablo at Los Angeles Union Station. You chose a great place to have a photo shoot. Keep up the great work.


  • Tunnel shot is rocking.

  • This is such an awesome set Luis! I love the bottom tunnel shot. it is really cool.

  • The leading lines in that last shot are tremendous. Great capture.

  • Luis Godinez

    Thank You Ruth. That was one of my faves.

  • I love non conventional e-sessions. This is great, I am sure the couple will cherish this for years to come. Nancy Ramos

  • Cynthia

    Luis, your work is so beautiful and amazing. You really know how to capture the beauty of people. Great work!!!

  • These are great! I love train stations. We don’t really have them here in Texas. Nice work and lovely design for your new blog.

  • I LOVE that one in the walkway! Very cool!!!

  • Nancy

    Wow, Luisito love the pics!!!

  • Excellent photos and what a cool place to do an engagement shoot. I’ll bet you had a lot of fun!

  • Great shots Luis. The last one is super cool. Congrats on the new blogsite. It looks great!

  • Beautiful! I love the tunnel shot!


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