Juelia & Dustin // Las Vegas Wedding

Juelia & Dustin just knew they were destined for each other.

Dustin saw Juelia at a country bar and it took three tries before she would give him a minute of her time!   Once Juelia agreed to go on a date, Dustin couldn’t wait, and the next morning they had their first date over breakfast.

After breakfast, Juelia & Dustin called their moms to let them know they had found the person they were going to marry. It was a fairy tale story in the making.

Believe me, Juelia & Dustin are your fairy tale couple. I’m glad I was able to document their wedding. You can truly feel the love they have for each other.When both of them are in the same room together, you just feel it.

They are the reason I love what I do and I’m happy to share their beautiful wedding with the world.


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| Don’t forget to watch the SLIDESHOW |

Dress: Martina Liana
First Look & Portraits: Venetian, Bellagio, Caesar’s
Ceremony & Reception: Lakeside Events
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Drew W -

Great work Luis! Nice clean images.

Fernando -

Love the clarity of these photos. Great job.

Matthew Johnson -

Great Portraits, cool sunglasses!

Marianne Taylor -

Her dress is pretty awesome! You’ve captured the joyous vibe of the day so well.

Eliza Claire -

Really great images, I especially love the getting ready shots. Her dress is gorgeous!

Alicia Kennison -

Great wedding!I love the shot with the bride looking at herself in the mirror, it’s so cheesy that it’s perfect. :D

Eric Yerke -

Luis this is great coverage. You really are stepping it up bro. I can also feel the connection they had with you.

Ashley Gillett -

Wow, Luis, the are awesome. I can’t even pick a fave, there are so many!! The light at the Venetian (I’ve never been to vegas, but it looks like italy in the pics so I’m assuming Venetian) is blowing me away. All your photos are stunning. :)

James Bitz -

Love the colors and details!
Great lighting too!

Daniel Dunlap -

Luis…. This is aweesome!! Seriously. I stopped several times and said to myself, “Oh wow”. The shot of the B&G in front of the dome is just EPIC! Compositional masterpiece dude.

Preston -

You had me at the ring shot! WOWZA! Great job.

Nessa K -

I loooveee the wide shot of their nighttime reception. You did a brilliant job capturing their wedding day.

And on a girly note — I love this woman’s dress!!

Nick Key -

really clean and sharp shots. i love the B&W shot of her with her hand on his face. love it!

Jon -

Lovely, love the one of Juelia looking in the mirror in the morning – fabulous!

Jacob Lacey -

awesome wedding, love the dress shot!

Laura Burlton -

Awesome! I have only been to Vegas once, but I think you captured it so well and this is totally not what I think of when I think of Vegas weddings :)

Juelia Kinney -

It is so amazing how you capture every moment of the day. It’s almost like watching a video. Thank you so much for making sure we remember that day for the rest of our lives!!!!!!!!

Amanda Hoffman -

These turned out beautifully! I love the shot of them kissing on the dance floor. The spotlight effect is awesome. :)

LaKaye Mbah -

Is that dress gorgeous or what? I love the “first look” photos. They look like a seriously fun couple. Great images!

Matthew -

awesome shots hey! they’re all great, but the party shots caught my eye!

Jodi Renee -

so precious of blessings for all the family’s to cherish with The Lord , never forgotten <3