Los Angeles to Vancouver // The Scenic Route

This trip to Canada has been in the making for two years, I just didn’t know Canada would be the destination. Two years ago, a group of wedding photographers who only knew each other via the internet met in person at Las Vegas – WPPI. We had all become close friends and we hoped to do it again. It was exactly like summer camp.  Canada Photo Convention would be the ticket, plans were set in motion and an epic road trip would be the outcome. These photos from the trip are just a reminder of the memories shared with amazing friends.

Many thanks to Len, Dani, Bec, Brit, Xanthe, Leo, Rhys, Sam, NickMatt and everyone else at Canada Photo Convention who made my time in Vancouver unforgettable. <3

– Luis

All images taken with either  the  Nikon D700, Fuji X10, or iPhone 5.

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  • Love every one of them.Great work!

  • AMAZING refreshing images – love the perspective and different styles in here – a fab collection!

  • What an awesome coverage of your trip!

  • So pretty and beautiful! I love how you work the light!
    And I’m bummed I couldn’t make it to CPC.

  • Beautiful. Makes me want to come to the west coast!

  • Great post and awesome images, Luis! It was great finally meeting some of this group. Just a wee bit jealous of everyone’s adventures surrounding CPC. My trip was quick but well worth it!

  • Will Kim

    these are so good Luis. Golden like the hour.

  • dude. bro. come on. tooooo good.

    makes me miss CPC so bad.

  • Sweetness Luis, pure sweetness.


    I am loving everyone else’s view of the trip especially the epic roadtripness that I missed out on. Just beautiful. This post is the bomb diggity.

  • Such beautiful photography! I love the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver is a beautiful city.

  • Bec

    amazing!! Loved it all!

  • I love the way you see the world and how you play with the light. There are so many of your photos that I want hanging around my house, you just have such a wonderful connection to everything that you photograph.

Rachel & Michael // Amoeba Music – Hollywood

I love the radness that is Rachel & Michael, and I love that they introduced me to the musical candy that is Amoeba Music in Hollywood.



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  • Love the one of just his head in the shop!! Made me smile :)

  • Wowzers. these are awesomesauce, Luis! Every single damned image is gorgeous.

  • super unique!

  • Love this. Very different, very cool. Really interesting compositions, and everything suits the couple really well. Killer stuff.

  • What a cool, fun session! And I love your light & bright processing in the outside pics.

  • I love the radness in your pictures! Great couple too!

  • What an awesome couple and who doesn’t love record stores?

    Brilliant work!

  • Very very cool and as David says, very Rock N Roll. I love the shot of them touching heads with the cool glasses on. Awesome.

  • Love the choice of outfits and locations with the amazing compositions. rrrrrrrock n rrrrrrrrol!

  • Sweet job on this engagement session, Luis. It’s always so cool to integrate something the couple loves and is them.

  • What a stylish couple and such gorgeous photos!

  • Wow, that first shot = winning! I also love the closeness in #6.

  • Rachel Ball

    Thank you so much for the awesomeness of these pictures! I can’t wait to see how great the wedding pictures come out!!!!

  • dude, great take on the record store.

  • Luis Godinez

    thank you!! :)

  • Amy Shelton

    all those through shots. damnnnn

  • Louie Abellera


  • Love the locations Luis, great job, Rachel and Micheal look a really cool couple

  • Short & Sweet, Strong & to the point…both fit and translate into “Killed it!”

Maricela & Pablo // Joshua Tree

We celebrated Maricela & Pablo’s 3rd year anniversary in the Joshua Tree desert. So much fun. I love hanging out with awesome people. Especially if I can take their photo. :)


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  • Love the last photo – a fantastic shoot altogether – great work!

  • Wow. Love the locations. Nice images.

  • What a gorgeous session, absolutely love these

  • Wowwwwwwwwww just wow wow.

  • this location could easily be on another planet. great set!

  • Luis, I’m speechless… Almost. :) These photos are so tender and sweet, and I love LOVE your wide, sweeping shots.

  • OMGAH beautiful!

  • love the location. the second shot is my fave! kudos

  • These are fantastic!!! Joshua trees are wonderful and the last photo is absolutely well-seen! Great job!

  • wow, these are amazing Luis! Love that last one.

  • Oh wow. What a great set of images in a magic location!

  • Luis! These are so so beautiful!

  • Stylin’ profilin’. And what a wicked location – would love to go there one day (your pictures really sell it!).

  • You murked this session, seriously just did a fanfreakingtastic job. I love it and want to marry this anniversary session.

  • This location is amazing and you did such an awesome job capturing their engagement images! That first frame is my favorite. Beautiful!

  • Stunning photos! What an amazing location.

  • How much would I love to shoot in this location – it’s amazing!

  • that last frame is so money Luis. Love the setting you chose and you used it so well. Nice work bro.

  • Beautiful light, Luis. Love how soft everything feels!

  • What a location! – that vista is amazing, favs are top & bottom shots.

  • Oh my… gorgeous location and amazing photos! Love the photo of them walking through the desert as well as the last frame.