Monica & Ron // LA Mambo Jazz Engagement

When I meet a couple for the first time, I usually ask who did you guys meet? I always find it fascinating how a simple glance, smile, or coincidence can be the spark to cause a chain reaction of events  that lead them to planning a wedding and looking for a wedding photographer. I love being a small part of that history and help document a beautiful event in their lives. I could paraphrase Monica & Ron’s story, but I don’t think I’ll do it justice so I’ll share Monica’s own words:

It was my birthday and I heard through my bro Rick who is a fan of the Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz band that they were playing that night.  After listening to a CD he let me borrow I was an instant fan too and so we all decided to go to Spags.  Because the show was sold out and we had a larger party, they sat us towards the back of the restaurant where the view wasn’t that great.  But I thought to myself, its ok I’ll just  dance to get a better view :)  After ordering dinner and drinks, the band soon started playing.

During dinner, I couldn’t see the stage from our table but I remember thinking to myself, who in the world is playing the trumpet?  After some liquid courage, I finally stood up and saw Ron.  I was blown away with how amazing he sounded.  Our eyes met and subtly, he started talking to me from stage.  It went on this way the entire show and as soon as he got off stage he walked directly to our table.  We talked after the show and on the phone that night until sunrise.

The kind of story that you see in movies, amirtie? I can’t wait to join these two for their amazing wedding.




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  • Alex Rapada

    Awesome shots Luis!

  • Shari DeAngelo

    You are Killing it, Luis. Love love love!

Grace & Jon // San Diego Fiesta Wedding

I’m so happy for these two. They make my heart smile.

I’ve known Jon for over 10 years, and in all that time he has seen me at my best and at my worse, but he has always lend himself as a kind hearted friend that’s always willing to help. I know those kind of people are a rarity and I’ll always be grateful for his friendship. I remember the first time Jon told be about Grace, and I specifically remember him maintaining his easy cool demeanor but you could tell Grace was special.  It all became clear when I met Grace for the first time. She has warm eyes that welcome you into any room, any conversation, any situation with  gentle sincerity.  She always wishes the best for you and your loved ones.  Plus she bakes killer gluten-free brownies.

Thanks you guys for all the wonderful memories! Had lots of fun at your San Diego Mexican Fiesta themed Wedding at the Mission Beach Women’s Club.


_blog-grace-jon_001_blog-grace-jon_002_blog-grace-jon_003_blog-grace-jon_004_blog-grace-jon_005_blog-grace-jon_006_blog-grace-jon_007_blog-grace-jon_008_blog-grace-jon_009-grace-jon-san-diego-wedding-first-look_blog-grace-jon_011grace-jon-first-look-wedding-san-diego_blog-grace-jon_013_blog-grace-jon_014Colorful Mexican fiesta themed wedding at Mission Beach Women's Club in San Diego_blog-grace-jon_016_blog-grace-jon_017_blog-grace-jon_018Colorful wedding ceremony at Mission Beach Women's Club_blog-grace-jon_020_blog-grace-jon_021_blog-grace-jon_022_blog-grace-jon_023_blog-grace-jon_024_blog-grace-jon_025_blog-grace-jon_026Mariachi band for this Mission Beach Women's Club_blog-grace-jon_028_blog-grace-jon_029_blog-grace-jon_030_blog-grace-jon_031_blog-grace-jon_032mexican-fiesta-themed-wedding-center-piecesSpanish groom and bride wedding signs at their sweetheart tablemexican-fiesta-themed-wedding-table-numbersColorful Mexican Fiesta themed wedding centerpieces at the Mission Beach Womens Clubfiesta-themed-wedding-gluten-free-cake_blog-grace-jon_038_blog-grace-jon_039_blog-grace-jon_040Mexican Fiesta themed Wedding pinatamexicna-fiesta-themed-wedding-piñatamexicna-fiesta-themed-wedding-piñata_blog-grace-jon_044_blog-grace-jon_045_blog-grace-jon_046_blog-grace-jon_047_blog-grace-jon_048_blog-grace-jon_049_blog-grace-jon_050_blog-grace-jon_051_blog-grace-jon_052_blog-grace-jon_053_blog-grace-jon_054mission-beach-san-diego-wedding-portrait_blog-grace-jon_056Sea World Fireworks viewed during wedding at the Mission Beach Women's Clubsea-world-fireworks-from-mission-beach-wedding

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Year 2013

2013 came and went so fast and despite everything it could have or should have been, I’m glad for what it was.  This year I was fortunate to connect and share even more with old friends, new friends and clients.  They inspired greatness out of me by sharing their heartfelt stories and wonderful adventures.  From these connections, it brought great growth for me personally as I felt their lives intertwined with mine.  And from this, I have been able to find a quiet calm and photographic voice that resonates who I am as a photographer, but most importantly who I am as a person.  I am thankful for all of you, because as much as 2013 was about my internal reflection, it would not have been possible without all of you sharing your lives with me.  May 2014 be just as magical if not better.  Cheers!



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  • Those landscape shots – epic. Inspiring work, Luis!

  • What an awesome set of photographs. Looks like you had a great year.

  • You clearly make great use of all these great locations, really beautiful set of images.

  • Your landscape shots are amazing. Really epic year!

  • this makes me want to give u a sensual maaaasaaaage.

  • Very beautiful work. So many amazing people and places in this post. Have a wonderful 2014!!

  • Some beautiful work in here – looks like 2013 has been great! Love the landscapes/cityscapes..

  • Wow…epic post. Im rendered speechless. This is got to be one my my favorite best of 2013 posts ever.

  • Love all of these. So many great images! This year has definitely been good to you!

  • Oh Luis!!! These are outstandlying beautiful – top work dude xxxx

  • great year my friend.

  • Zoë Campbell

    Oh my word Luis!! What an utterly stunning set of images, totally in awe. Massive congrats on such a fab year, cannot wait to see what 2014 brings, amazing! x

  • Oh the light. Goodness. Incredible all around.

  • what an amazing 2013! heres to a another great year!!! Go Luis!!!

  • So…. this might be my favorite groom photo I’ve seen all year – . And the 2nd photo (of the bride) is crazy beautiful. And all the cityscapes and landscapes. You clearly had a phenomenal year. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos!

  • Me gustan tus composiciones y tu manejo de la luz :)

  • Great images Luis! 2013 was good to you! :) Love all of your use of light, that Brooklyn Bridge shot=amazingggggg.

  • Joshua Mitchell

    So bad ass. Great stuff man!

  • Luiiiis! I love this. Every frame is perfection!!! What a wonderful round-up… and I can’t wait to see what you’ll share in 2014 :D