Patty & David // Heritage Museum of Orange County

I had an amazing time with Patty & David on their wedding day at Heritage Museum of OC. The day was so lovely and the Heritage Museum provided a beautiful backdrop for their celebration. Thank you David and Patty for the wonderful memories.

– Luis


Venue: Heritage Museum of Orange County // Catering : Country Garden Caterers 

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  • Really beautiful. I swear these pictures look like film.

  • I love that shot of them under the Jasmine vine! so pretty!

  • lovely images – they capture a great day so well. Great work!

  • Oh, it’s been ages since I photographed there! You did a great job with very well-rounded coverage. I’m sure the bride is thrilled with the image under the jasmine arch!

  • Such great work on those portraits. Love!

  • Great stuff man. Love your colors.

  • These are lush, love the dancing shots, just beautiful!

  • Oh Luis. You’re work is so uniquely you. It captures so much love and emotion. I love how you see things.

  • This bride is super pretty, and the tone of the images is gorgeous as well!

  • Oh.. my .. GOD! This is incredible. Everything about it. You killed it.

  • You killed this one, Luis. Fantastic job!

  • real solid man! love the colours in all these

  • Beautiful images! I really like that 9th photo of them surrounded by the flowers.

  • Nice, nice, nice! The color processing alone is radically good. And you captured them beautifully. Solid job, man.

  • Seriously loving your eye with portraits. Amazing work man!

Los Angeles to Vancouver // The Scenic Route

This trip to Canada has been in the making for two years, I just didn’t know Canada would be the destination. Two years ago, a group of wedding photographers who only knew each other via the internet met in person at Las Vegas – WPPI. We had all become close friends and we hoped to do it again. It was exactly like summer camp.  Canada Photo Convention would be the ticket, plans were set in motion and an epic road trip would be the outcome. These photos from the trip are just a reminder of the memories shared with amazing friends.

Many thanks to Len, Dani, Bec, Brit, Xanthe, Leo, Rhys, Sam, NickMatt and everyone else at Canada Photo Convention who made my time in Vancouver unforgettable. <3

– Luis

All images taken with either  the  Nikon D700, Fuji X10, or iPhone 5.

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  • Love every one of them.Great work!

  • AMAZING refreshing images – love the perspective and different styles in here – a fab collection!

  • What an awesome coverage of your trip!

  • So pretty and beautiful! I love how you work the light!
    And I’m bummed I couldn’t make it to CPC.

  • Beautiful. Makes me want to come to the west coast!

  • Great post and awesome images, Luis! It was great finally meeting some of this group. Just a wee bit jealous of everyone’s adventures surrounding CPC. My trip was quick but well worth it!

  • Will Kim

    these are so good Luis. Golden like the hour.

  • dude. bro. come on. tooooo good.

    makes me miss CPC so bad.

  • Sweetness Luis, pure sweetness.


    I am loving everyone else’s view of the trip especially the epic roadtripness that I missed out on. Just beautiful. This post is the bomb diggity.

  • Such beautiful photography! I love the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver is a beautiful city.

  • Bec

    amazing!! Loved it all!

  • I love the way you see the world and how you play with the light. There are so many of your photos that I want hanging around my house, you just have such a wonderful connection to everything that you photograph.