Year 2014


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  • For the Love of It


  • Albert Palmer

    Dayum Luis – you had an amazing year – epic shot after epic shot – keep it up!

  • Isabelle Hesselberg

    Really enjoyed looking at all this amazingness!

  • Heather Parkinson


  • englexas photography

    Wow…I love all of these!! You have amazing work!

  • Yolandé Marx

    Your work is incredible and makes me want to go look for each blogpost, that’s how enticing your images are. Wonderful!

  • Darren Gair

    Stunning work, you had a fantastic year! Roll on 2015

  • Sachin Khona

    Unreal work Luis. That final image .. damn sonnnn and the one before that .. whuuuut. And so many others. Beautiful.

  • Kristin Lomeli

    Your talent is incredible Luis! Your body of work is stunning and I hope nothing but further success and opportunity for you in the year to come!

  • Elissa Rïnehart

    Sooooooo good. I kinda hate you for how good you are. <3

  • Marcella Treybig-Photography

    I want to see more!!! Hope to work with you in 2015 since I’ll be LOCAL woohoo!!

Rachel & Michael // Backyard HiFi Wedding

There are some people you just connect with and it happens effortlessly and without notice. Rachel & Michael are those people. Every word, every detail, every like, every story would put a smile on my face and I knew immediately I wanted to collaborate with them. We had an amazing time on their wedding day and every single moment was a beautiful reflection of their love of music, their fun loving family & friends, and their unique way of loving each other. Thank you guys for allowing me to go for the ride. Don’t forget to check out their awesome engagement session and the lovely feature on HiFi Weddings.


_blog-r-m--1_blog-r-m--2_blog-r-m--3_blog-r-m--4_blog-r-m--5_blog-r-m--6_blog-r-m--7the groom looks stunning in his fedora wayfarer bowtie combo_blog-r-m--9_blog-r-m--10_blog-r-m--11_blog-r-m--12_blog-r-m--13rachel looks gorgeous while wearing a birdcage veil and pearl necklace_blog-r-m--15_blog-r-m--16_blog-r-m--17_blog-r-m--18_blog-r-m--19unique vinyl lp guestbook_blog-r-m--21_blog-r-m--22_blog-r-m--23_blog-r-m--24_blog-r-m--25_blog-r-m--26_blog-r-m--27_blog-r-m--28_blog-r-m--29_blog-r-m--30_blog-r-m--31_blog-r-m--32_blog-r-m--33no doubl vinyl hif center piece_blog-r-m--35_blog-r-m--36_blog-r-m--37_blog-r-m--38beautiful vintage cakestands_blog-r-m--40_blog-r-m--41_blog-r-m--42

P.S. – Thank you everyone for checking out the blog post. Everything about this wedding makes me love what I do. I love the personal touches from Rachel’s birdcage veil & pearl neckalce combo to Michael’s cool hat and bowtie. The personal details were unbelievable like the vinyl guestbook and vinyl table center pieces really made this music fan want to skip a heart beat. Don’t get me started on framed song lyrics around the backyard. It was all amazing. Plus all different cake options from SusieCakes that were beautifully showcased on these gorgeous vintage cake stands from Rachel’s personal collection. Did I say amazing? ;)

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  • Christa Bianca Cortez

    Love Love Love!!! Great Job.

  • David Redding

    Love back yard weddings and you killed this one Mr.