Marcy & Pablo // Santa Ana|Tustin|SJC Mission Wedding

All through out 2009, Pablo would sent me comments and compliments and that he liked my photography. I never took him too serious, I just figured he was being nice & supportive. I had no clue he was even engaged. It wasn’t until I got message that he wanted to schedule an appointment to inquire my services for 2010. Wow.I got together with Marcy & Pablo, and knew they were great couple and it would be my pleasure to photograph their wedding. Marcy had these great imagination and vision of how she wanted her wedding and how important the photography was to her. A photographer’s dream!

The wedding day was not without bumps along the road that include four location changes, timing miscues, and not to mention the rainstorm that lasted all day long. But no matter what, Marcy & Pablo took in stride and I was there right along for the ride. As the photographer, I’ve experienced it all and I adapt and keep on  moving forward. The Ceremony was held at the beautiful Waverley Chapel in Santa Ana. The Chapel offer a beautiful intimate backdrop for a wonderful ceremony, we were lucky the rain held off enough for portraits. After the ceremony we drove south on the 5-freeway down to Mission San Juan Capistrano and whole time I wonder if the rain would stop for portraits. The weather graced us with only minutes to take some gorgeous portraits before everyone had to run back into the limo or we risked being soaked. Back on the 5-freeway to our final destination, the Tustin Center for the Reception.  I’m sure the bridal party was ready for a stiff drink after our long day of trying to guess the weather. It was a wonderful wedding  and I’m happy I was able to capture the memories of two wonderful people. I wish  Marcy & Pablo many years of wedding bliss.


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  • The bench shot really works for me – such great texture!

  • YOur detail shots are gorgeous! And the shot of the couple on the bench together is really sweet. Nice work!

  • What a wonderful location, the brick textures are phenomenal

  • Great use of the architecture!

  • Greg (Pslee)

    Wonderful stuff. Almost makes me want to get hitched… almost.

  • Lovely work. Clean and modern. The fish eye is done well.

  • Pablo Solis

    Speachless!! Thanks for everything Luis! can’t thank you enough this pictures are beautiful work of art.

  • Luis! Beautiful work! I love your use of the fisheye! I really like the B+G portrait shots. Great work man!

  • @ Thomas. Yes, it was the Nikon 10.5mm :)

  • Great shots. Great cake shot. Is the one on the left w/ a fisheye?

  • Gorgeous!

    I love that bouquet…you did a great job on these!

  • I love your use of red and black as the main colors, and the reflection shot is a dream. Great job on the shoot, and what an amazing location.

  • Great photographs. I feel you on dodging the rain. I had that yesterday too. They’re always seems to be a little break though hey :) great work

  • I know not everyone loves super wide angle shots, but I think you killed it with the fisheye view of the church!

Marcy & Pablo // Photo Cards

I just wanted to share these great cards  I got from WHCC for Marcy & Pablo’s Wedding as Thank You cards. We used the images from their fun Engagement at LA Union Station.

I love the art linen texture which add little extra to the photos. I had so much fun shooting their wedding and I’m glad the cards were a hit with the guests. Check back soon for a full post of their wedding.




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  • Cool cards!! Personalized thank you cards are MILES apart from the lame 15-to-a-pack regular cards everyone uses. These are so cool, and this way all your loved ones get a photograph of the couple!

  • @Jessica – I order them from WHCC. This is there Flat Greeting Cards.

  • @Kyle – Multiples of one photo. I design them and uploaded through WHCC Roes and order them.

  • Those are really gorgeous — can you order them in a bunch of different photos or is it multiples of one photo?

  • HOLY ISH…. this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! Where oh where did you have them done?!?!

  • They look super nice! I like the subtle texture.

  • Very nice!! Love the finish

  • They’re an adorable couple and I like that you used linen paper…I think it adds a nice extra touch :-)

  • These are awesome. Love the texture.

Santa Ana Heritage Museum Photo Shoot

I had the opportunity to attend a Photo Shoot’n’Meet at the Heritage Museum in Santa Ana, Ca. The museum is just as I remembered it when I was in grade school and my 4th grade class went there for a field trip. I love the trip down memory lane, it reminded me of a simpler time when my biggest concerns was getting a  red ball for dodge-ball during recess and hurrying up home after school to watch Gargoyles on TV.

I decided to challenge myself and try to use only 1 lens for my shoot, giving me the perfect time to use the new lens I purchased. I always want to very acclimated with my equipment so when I use it for weddings or engagements I already know what to expect from the lens before I see the image in my camera’s viewfinder.  Here are some pics with my new lens/toy:




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  • I really like the second image! Great composition!

  • Nikon 35mm f1.8

  • Love the black and white. I think its my favorite. What lens did you end up using??

  • Boy, the first few photographs made me confused as I thought they were upside down for a moment, haha! I love the composition, very nice.

  • beautiful images!

  • Gorgeous flowers, you captured them very well!!

  • Great framing on the upper right photo. Love the uniqueness.

  • Paul, Thank you for the compliment. I’m loving my new site. I”m glad it’s a blogsite, rather than site +blog. I got my template from Portfolio Sitez, I was a lil overwhelm at first but the CS is great and I was able to do everything myself once I got the hang of it.

  • Luis–how do you like your new site? Very nice pictures.

  • Thanks Daniel, I bought the Nikon 35mm f/1.8

  • The images look great, seriously. So what lens did you get yourself? I’m guessing a prime of some kind. 50mm maybe?

  • These look great mate!