Prelude // Jones Victorian Estate Wedding

I just had to share one my favorite photographs I took at yesterday’s wedding at The Jones Victorian Estate. I had the opportunity to assist Ernie Olivares and help him serve his wonderful clients Jocelyn & Ryan. J&R were so much fun to work with, they were really joyful, easy going and were game for anything. Their friends and family were one in the same as you can tell from the photo below of one of the groomsman. I love reception shots like this, friends and family really get loose and come alive with their party animal self.  I can’t wait to share the rest of photographs of this joyous wedding and I want to send a special shout out to the awesome DJ service from Dolce Entertainment. You guys rocked the house!


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  • Fantastic motion shot! You’ve really captured the moment. Wonder what he looked like in the morning?

  • Now that’s a party! Great shot and can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Love the expression! Looks like it was a fun wedding!

  • Looks like someone had a REALLY Good time! Great capture, Luis!!

  • I would hate for that to be me haha but great shot!

  • That’s an awesome shot Luis. Looks like a good party!

  • Great Party Shot!

  • Looks like a good time–can’t wait to see the rest of the set.

Marcy & Pablo // Wedding Album

I love my new wedding album company Forbeyon. This is the gorgeous album I got for a Marcy & Pablo’s Wedding.  I love the quality and craftsmanship. All albums are hand made in USA using top quality products like leather imported from Italy.

I love everything about them. The binding is top notch and rock solid. I’ve noticed in the past from other sub par companies that the first thing to fall apart is the binding . The binding feels great, tight, strong and the archival board where the images are mounted is thick & substantial but not super thick like a novelty children book.  They use UV coated Kodak Endura paper so images will last and you will be able to share your amazing wedding to future generations.  I love the true panoramic flush mount of the pages so you don’t get the horrible crease down the middle with other companies.  The metal cameo on the front is just amazing, they actually print a photo on a thin piece of metal.

I think the album really comes together with the small little details that help make the album unique and special just like the wedding day. The imprinting on the spine and the red satin weave down the middle really help add a little extra that the bride and groom really enjoyed.


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Karina & Omar // Newport Beach | CDM Engagement

I’ve known Karina since freshmen year of High School and I remember we met in English class and we continue our friendship over the years. After high school I would meet up with Karina and Marisol (Karina’s Maid of Honor) at Starbucks and we would catch up and talk how our lives were going. Years pass and slowly I lost contact with her but faith would have our paths cross again, and to my suprise it would also bring her engagement to Omar.I was happy  that Karina & Omar choose me as their photographer to capture their special day. I was honored Karina picked me since I knew Karina has a love & appreciation of photography since we did take Photography class with Mr. Farnsworth together in High School. :)

Over the weekend I met up with Karina & Omar at Newport Beach Backbay and we shot their beautiful engagement session. It was beautiful day and lighting couldn’t be any better, especially since the last two weeks there has been nothing but Spring gloom.

After Backbay we headed down to Corona Del Mar to enjoy the sunset and finish up the shoot.


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  • Beautiful. You used such a great array of colors and techniques – your couple looks great!

  • Such a pretty session.

  • Luis! you totally rocked this engagement shoot! awesome job. I love the B&W/sepia tones you are using right now… sooo moody. good stuff dude.

  • What a sweet couple! Great light and locations :)

  • What a beautiful couple and beautiful engagement session. Nice!

  • Love the photos! Beautiful work!

  • Well done, Luis. Great use of the beautiful location.

  • wonderful location and use of light!

  • Beautiful photos! I especially like the monochrome images!

  • Good set. Cute couple. What a wonderful location!

  • Love that last shot – very well done!

  • You really did a wonderful job. Always nice to see many different locations and styles.

  • Beautiful stuff Luis. I love the location and the lighting.

  • Jealous! I want to go shoot there. What a beautiful part of the world. Can’t wait until our spring shows up.