Suzy & Kylan // Richmond, VA

I had a blast photographing Suzy & Kylan’s wedding in Richmond, VA. I couldn’t have asked for better weekend than getting to know two wonderful people and hanging out with their amazing friends and family.  I loved hearing the terrific stories of Suzy’s tireless commitment as a social worker and the lives she improves, as well as the stunning architectural touches and locations, where Kylan’s background as an architect was clearly evident. I want to thank Suzy & Kylan for their hospitality and I hope to visit Richmond again soon.



Hotel Accommodations: The Berkley Hotel

Ceremony: St. Patrick Church

Reception: Capital Ale House

Cake: Baked by Suzy & Kylan

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  • These are truly awesome – so sophisticated – great images – love the brides dress as well!!

  • Seriously good stuff! Clean, crisp and vibrant. Love!

  • We have just discovered you. Lovely work.

  • Beautiful moments. This is such a well photographed wedding.

  • John Andre

    beautiful photos !

  • Rodney Shirley

    Even though I was there for every moment, you just don’t realize what you don’t see until you see the photographs, just lovely.

  • Wonderful!!! I love love love that guitarist shot. The bride is beautiful, love the dress. Great photographs

  • I love them all. That last image is terrific. Beautiful work.

  • So many memorable shots here! well done Luis, I love the feel of the portrait set. So light and and purposed!

  • Great coverage Luis – good work!

  • Jackie Killeen

    Love every photo. Ed couldn’t stop saying that that was the most beautiful wedding album he has every seen. What a wonderful day! Love you both…

  • Mary A. Coleman

    Amazing pictures of an amazing Bride and Groom……great wedding!

  • Mary A. Coleman

    beautiful pictures…..amazing Bride and Groom……brilliant wedding and of course a great photographer…..well done to all!

  • the last frame is breathtaking!

  • Killed it. AS USUAL.

  • If there was a hot sauce version of your blog, it would be sriacha, the ballar sauce. Amazing work as always friend. Love viewing every moment of it!

  • Beautiful!! I love her dress and the jacket combination. The shot where she’s all dressed up and people are reacting to her as a bride is such a great photo. Also, such a pretty cake :)

  • A smokin hot collection of images Luis, top work my man!!

  • Gorgeous images my friend.

  • Legit work. Love it. Last shot in BW = stellar.

  • I love that you got to capture their expression once she’s all dressed up as a bride. Moments like those are priceless :)

  • So incredible, dude. This photo is full of win:

    Rocked it.

Wedding Client Packaging

I’m happy to introduce my updated wedding client packaging for 2013. This is an update to my client packaging from two years ago. All my wedding couples will receive this gorgeous package with a USB containing their digital photographs plus a few prints highlighting their wedding day. A marriage of digital technology and classic prints. :)



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  • Daphne Cebek

    Hi Luis! Beautiful job!! Where did you buy your boxes? In bulk?

  • Daphne Cebek

    Hi Luis! Beautiful job!! Where did you buy your boxes? In bulk?

  • Andrea Leigh Jimenez

    Hi Luis! Where did you get your customized USB thumb drives?

  • Sabrina Lafon

    Hi Luis! First of all lovely work and lovely packaging!! Would you mind sharing where you purchase the little white box? Thank you!

  • Erika Walter

    Hi Luis! I love your packaging and your work! Can you share with me where you have the photos printed or do you do them yourself? Thanks! (photographer from Canada!)

  • Lindsey

    What company did you use for the flash drives? I love them!

  • Liliana Haley

    AMAZING! Even better in person! Thank you Thank you!

  • That is some serious packaging, Luis. I love it!

  • that’s some legit packaging dude!

  • Whenever you can use acorns for something, you use acorns. Always.

  • Luis Godinez

    Yummy indeed. :)

  • jealous! This looks so good!

  • Louie Abellera


  • I am absolutely in love with this Luis!!

  • Wow. This is awesome…your clients will love this.

  • So slick bro!

  • Awesome, dude. Just awesome.

  • The pinecones are so unique! Lovely packaging!

  • Oh this is just delicious Im a little jealous..well a lot!

  • Very nice indeed!